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Friday, 24 November 2017

Who we are
Shippers’ Academy Colombo (SAC), was set up to address the lack of training programmes and information related to global commerce and logistics  available for shippers and related communities in Sri Lanka  and South Asia. Since its launch initially with the technical assistance from Singapore Shippers’ Academy, today it plays a pivotal role in the shipping industry locally and is in the process of expanding in the South Asian region.

Shippers’ Academy Colombo is the very first training institution of its kind in South Asia to tailor courses for shippers and related service providers and exporters and importers who need a hybrid curriculum of shipper -centric courses & to offer customised and focused education, R&D and consultancy services.Since the first wave of globalisation in the 19th century powered by European mercantilism led by Great Britain, the trading environment has undergone significant changes. We are now in the 4th wave of globalisation triggered by the formation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), which has led to greater integration amongst countries in terms of trade, financial flows, ideas, information and technology.

For Asia & its shippers the implications of globalisation are far reaching. By plugging into the global economy, Asia has been able to transcend the limits of its size. It has also managed to attract capital, enterprise and talent which are flowing to countries where the governments has pursued policies to create an environment that is stable yet competitive in the shippers’ industry locally, regionally and internationally.Realising the need for a training institute to plug the gap between conventional business schools and shippers-related programmes, the Shippers’ Academy Colombo was established, to uplift and enhance skills and knowledge of the global commerce environment by providing capacity building programmes to large, medium and SME sector, where affordability and creative techniques are used as tools to plug in knowledge gaps and share knowledge.

Scope of work
Shippers’ Academy Colombo functions to support the rising demands for training for local and overseas companies. Academy is well-suited to meet the needs of shippers and shipping community who want to acquire new skills or further enhance their existing knowledge in the field & also offer consultancy services, bench marking and undertake shipper centric R & D to understand the industry changes and requirements. With the ever-changing demands the shippers face in the global industry the academy is poised to keep abreast of the latest developments and sharpen international competitive edge. The SAC will be developing and delivering curricular to train industry persons, new recruits to the trade with short professional courses related to global commerce, logistics, transportation and supply chain  management.

Mode of delivery
The SAC is working on a model that encompasses best practices by working with independent industry experts and institutions to deliver and develop its academic courses, R & D and consultancy assignments. This will ensure that best technology, information & data will be available with the Shippers’ Academy to educate the industry and policy bodies in relation to regional/global commercial activities. SAC jointly work with global organisations to exchange information and training material.